Vital Stats

DOB: 02.12.1978
Birthplace: Bruck/Mur
Status: married
Kids: 4
First Band: Pantheon
Other Bands: Darkfall, Silent Agony, Doomed Era, Schlecht, Conspiracy Unmasked



Band/Album: Sodom – Better off Dead, Megadeth – Peace Sells,

EAV – a la Carte, Cannibal Corpse - the Bleeding
Movie: Indien, das weisse Band, Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, Braveheart

Book: Paulo Coelho - Aleph
Meal/Food: Buschenschank & Kernöl
Politician: Kohl & Gorbatschow
Historical Figure: Maximilian I
Hobbies: Farm & Family
Album cover from a band: Obituary – the End Complete
Vacation: Croatia & Greece

Bäd Hammer Song: Thanx for the Angst



Work: Mercedes Benz G-Class

Musical Influences: Lemmy, Tom Angelripper  

First concert ever seen: Böhse Onkelz, Unterrohr b. Hartberg 1995
Most important life lesson:

Having kids is the most important thing in life

Slogan: live and let live; the Evil is always and everywhere