Vital Stats


DOB: 28.06.1990
Birthplace: Gnas
Status: Single
Siblings: none
First Band: Nichts Erreicht
Other Bands: Qualitätsrausch, Mind Abuse




Band/Album: Blind Guardian / Imaginations through the looking glass; Wizo/UUAAHHRRGG
Movie: Sin City, 300, Braveheart

Book: All GERALT OF RIVA novels
Meal/Food: any kind of meat
Politician: those who aren’t corrupt
Historical Figure: William Wallace
Hobbies: Sports, Music, Motorbike, concerts
Album cover from a band: Rhapsody of fire - covers
Vacation: Amsterdam

Bäd Hammer Song: all of them J




Work: construction company

Musical Influences: Axel Kurth, Kai Hansen, Sam Totman, Andrè Olbrich

First concert ever seen: multiball
Most important life lesson: Do whatever you want, but do it.

Slogan: Music is my life, party is my passion